Banc de Binary Review

Founded in 2009 by the trader Oren Laurent, Banc de Binary was provides easy access to binary trading options. This trading platform teaches the traders the tactics of professional trade with plenty of educational resources. Licensed by CySEC, Banc de Binary accepts traders from all over the world except from the United States and Israel. Continued focus on education and trusted trading services makes Banc de Binary a reliable name in the trading industry.

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Features and Trading Platform

Spot Option provides the trading platform for Banc de Binary. The software is dependable and sleek. The trading can also be done by the mobile app or right from the browser. The trading mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. An average payout of 75% is offered on individual trades which appeals to the experienced traders. Access is offered to wide range of assets which includes commodities, indices, stocks and currency pairs. Five trading options are offered to the traders: Short Term Options, Standard Binary Options, Pairs and One Touch.

Payouts and Trading Accounts

70% to 85% investment is offered by a standard binary option. 500% returns are offered in high yield option. Banc de Binary is an ideal choice for beginners. Experience in trading can be obtained without having to spend a fortune. No demo accounts are offered. The minimum deposit on standard account is just $250. The minimum investment is $1.

Bonuses and New Customer Promotions

A number of incentives and bonuses are offered to new traders. The provision to request a package to suit one’s trading requirements can be done. The support staff can be contacted while setting up an account. 100% sign up bonus is offered to new traders. Large deposits also have bonuses reserved for them.

Banking Options

Security of the funds of the traders is offered by Banc de Binary. The traders can rest be assured about the safety of their funds. Deposits are accepted in Great British Pounds, Euros and Dollars. There is no upper limit on deposits. Skrill, Debit and Credit cards, Sofort and Bank Wire Transfers are all deposit methods. Withdrawals and deposits are made via same methods to ensure safety of funds. Quick processing of withdrawals is carried out without having to pay additional fees.


lvp partnerCustomer support is offered in eight major languages. The multilingual and well trained team caters to the clients from all over the globe. Traders from all regions of the world except the United States and Israel are allowed to trade on the Banc de Binary platform.  Analysts, customer service agents and traders are available via Email, Phone, Instant Messaging and Skype. Personal account manager are offered to premium account holders. The 24/7 support team offers all the issues in no time.

Educational support is offered to all the account holders free of cost. A variety of channels are offered to the traders on the platform in the form of Live Webinars, eBooks, Video Tutorials, daily news brief and may more resources. A personal account manager guides the traders through the prevalent trade tactics.

Why Trade at Banc De Binary?

Banc De Binary has transformed trading binary options into a field of art. With over 250,000 traders in the month of June 2015, they trying to revive their trading services in the best possible way they can. With plethora of trading accounts, services and training options, they have become a well known name in the binary options trading industry. Making a minimum deposit of $250 is in truly worthwhile. This is an ideal platform for traders who want to derive profits from the market and wish to get familiar with the financing world.

Being a pioneer in the world of binary options, Banc de Binary offers an incredible service to all its traders irrespective of being a beginner or an experienced trader. No fee is charged on the withdrawals and the deposits done to the traders. $1 is the minimum investment that can be done with the Banc de Binary platform. The funds deposited into the accounts can be traded immediately through the Banc de Binary platform. Without any shadow of doubt, Banc de Binary is one of the leading broker recommend highly by the trade experts globally.


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Choosing a Binary Options Broker

Choosing a binary options broker that suits a trader’s investment needs is time consuming and requires extensive research. Below is a list of options which should be considered when selecting a binary options broker.

Review of traders: Review of traders can serve as a Guide book for you for selecting your broker. It is available at the footnote section on broker’s detail sheet. The review not only gives added information, it also throws light on personal experiences with the broker from traders who have already tried these brokers.

Bonus: Bonuses are one of the top reasons to choose a broker. When you are successful, bonuses increase your balance even further. Some traders give bonus for just trading activity.

Financial Assets: Not all brokers trade in same assets. There are three kinds of assets, commodities, stocks and indices. Making certain that the broker of your choice trades in the asset you want to trade in is absolutely necessary. “Asset Index” displays this information on broker’s site. Otherwise, broker reviews will provide you with this information.

Regulated Brokers: It leads to a good night sleep if you have chosen a broker who has a license from a regulatory authority. Compare when the license was obtained before proceeding to business. Some of the most known regulated brokers are 24option, Banc de Binary and Boss Capital.

Check brokers withdrawal policy: It is safe to compare the withdrawal policy of brokers before selection process. Do the brokers offer guaranteed withdrawal. Compare the payout methods, delays incurred, and costs involved.

cbb1Brokers with high returns: this is not a primary criteria on which the selection process totally relies on, but other factors being present, tend to select a broker offering higher yields on your investment.

Brokers with low deposit: If you are hard pressed for cash, or just beginner in this field, then selecting a broker where you can start off with minimum investment should be a top priority in your criteria list.

Brokers with the minimum lowest position: Compare minimum positions of the brokers once you have short listed your list of brokers.

 Brokers with a demo account: Again this option is invaluable for beginners yet even for experienced traders it holds value. Select a broker who does offer “demo account” so you can train for some time before you actually start trading with your hard earned money.

 Brokers Offering Education: Again, if you are a beginner, this option is more important to you that the broker you are selecting is offering good e-courses, books, which ever method is more suitable to you to learn more about the trade. Select a broker who offers good training.

 Comparison Charts of different brokers: The comparison tables available on the net, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of each broker should be consulted to expedite the comparison process. Where all information regarding a broker is tabulated so traders can compare how well each broker satisfies the criteria in a glance is a big time saver.

 Trading hours of Brokers match your plans: It’s the market which determines trading hours for a particular commodity, but for a long term option, it can be traded even when markets are close. Ensure that the broker you are selecting does provides you the option to trade in those hours where you plan to trade.

Select a broker offering good security measures: Security should always be a priority with money, even more so if you plan to trade in large amounts. Never do business with a broker before checking the kind of protocols and procedures which will be applied to your personal data and financial data. Make sure that your data is secure with the broker. If there are any privacy issues, deal with them first before starting business. To ensure security of your financial details, you can choose E-wallet or paypal checking beforehand with your broker if that is an accepted mode of payment with them.

 User friendly Interface: Selecting a broker with a functional, organized, easy to use user interface is a big scoring point. As traders will be using this platform to communicate, the functionality of the interface will convert to efficiency. Check the tools offered for trading decisions. Is button size appropriate for traders to respond quickly? Are the analysis tools offered make decision making fast enough. Are the graphs or other graphical representations, accurate and easy to understand? Is it customizable to suit individual needs of traders swiftly? Does it give access to other windows? These are the factors which will be required once trading begins.


Legal Restrictions: Are United States and Canadian citizen allowed to use this platform? Are there any legal restrictions based on your citizenship? Are there any other legal restrictions?

Check Customer Support: It is always recommended to test the broker as early as possible. Check their customer support service. Is it responsive? Are there any professional people to answer queries, solve problems? In the end, a broker is just as good as the support he provides.

VIP status: With all service departments, a VIP level service is awarded to a specific group of customers. Check with the broker of your choice the qualification for VIP status. Is it based on generating a certain amount of sales or volume of sales? Do try to tap into that resource, as the extra time and service the trade will receive will tend to boost profits.

Range of Expiry times: There are brokers with different available expiry times for their clients. There are 60 sec, 30 seconds,1 minute, 1 month expiry times etc. If a trader is proficient in 30 sec expiry time, then switching to a different range of expiry may not result in soaring profits as before. Check with the broker before selection, that the required range of expiry time is available for trade. Similarly select the broker with the advanced binary options that you plan on, the broker does provides you with it for e.g. rollback etc.

The above factors will improve value to your trading experience.

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Using signals for Binary Options Trading

2132131 (2)A stock market is the best place to trade your commodities and your stocks. Stock markets are the backbones of the economy for any country. Stronger the stock market the stronger will be the economy of a country. In the stock markets, the traders sell or buy their assets, stocks, commodities or liquid cash. The selling or buying of commodities, stocks, assets or cash depends upon the present market conditions. Some traders purchase the stock at a low price and then sell it at a higher price. These type of traders are called as bears. These are taken as the optimist traders of the trade market. the other type of traders dwelling in the market are the ones who purchase stocks when they are at high price and sell them at low price and in future again purchase them when the price margin is much lower. These are called as the Bulls of the trade market. These traders are taken as the pessimist of the stock market.

Use of Signals in the Market

The profit in the stock market can be earned by buying and selling the stocks at the proper time and certain price level. The traders and merchants having an adequate knowledge of the stock market know when to sell or buy a commodity. Due their knowledge about the market, they earn a high profit through their buying and selling. But the inexperienced traders and merchants  are unable to earn handsome profit. The fact lies in the knowledge about the tendency of the market. Traders having more knowledge about the market earn a high ratio of profit than the traders not having sufficient knowledge to survive in the market. To introduce the new traders to the prevailing conditions of the market. Binary options signals help the traders to get a know-how of how a stock market operates.

Signal Providers

2132131 (1)The binary options signals are passed out in the market by specialists of the new traders and merchants present in the market. These signals are very helpful in training the new and experienced traders too. By keenly observing all the previous trends and records of the market a trader can successfully earn a high ratio of profit. The signals are a way of earning profit quickly. These signals encourage the investors to invest in the stock exchange. This investing helps the stock exchange to lay a firm economy for the country. More traders in the market will attract more investors. And increasing investments in the stock market help the country to stable its economy.

Purpose of Binary Option Signals

The binary options signals are an important aspect of the stock exchange market. In trade market, these signals serve as the primary info for the inexperienced market traders. These signals contain the patterns in which a market trades specific commodities. These signals are used to determine the positions of different stocks. These positions help the inexperienced market traders to see when to buy or when to sell a certain commodity.  These signals provide the inexperienced merchants dwelling in the market to make sure and steady judgments. Banc de Binary is a good broker for trading if you are using signals. The experienced merchants sometimes also take the help of these signals in viewing the tendency of the market. These signals are passed out in the market by the specialists. The signals, when passed out  are utilized by the traders in trading their stock and commodities.

Accurate Info of the Market

The providers or the suppliers of binary signals should give a true and fair market report to the customers, which will make them satisfied. The experienced signal providers will give an extra advantage to the clients and moreover arrange a full detail of the market tendency. A few signs are given without offering any cost and the best conceivable guarantee furthermore, there for the organization. The cash should be keenly observed and invested according to the binary options signals to earn a higher rate of profit. The use of Binary Options Signals is getting much advanced in the recent days and the expert people are getting the most important purpose of preference using these signals. Once the signals are being used by the client, these serve the customer working in a proficient way in the trade markets.

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binary options trading 20

The advent of robots for binary options has led to a revolution in the Forex trading world. There has always been speculation that robots might also be an effective option for many Forex beginners which are spread all over the world. Binary options robots are thus encouraging many newbies to enter into binary options trading. The binary options robots are a very good method of making automatic transactions which gives a lot of individuals who do not have the knowledge of binary options. Choosing the wrong binary options robot can however result in losing a lot of money.

This is due to the fact that not all robots for binary options are well made. Furthermore, while using a binary options robot increases your chances of making profit, there is no 100 per cent guarantee on the effectiveness of any robot. Before buying a binary options robot, it is advisable to first read the review to know what you can benefit as well as potential issues you might go through. Binary options robot are however, generally believed to be profitable especially as they help in minimize trading risks while also reducing the efforts of the trader.

binary trading robot

There are a lot of knowledge that can be gotten from the reviews of binary options written by professional binary options authors. Furthermore, it is easy to differentiate a real review from a false one by first of all reading exacts what a binary options robot can do and what they cannot do. When you are looking for a binary options review, avoid promotional reviews as they tend to be biased. A binary options robot analysis that is balanced is sure to help you know about what you are buying. Some of the things you want to look out for in a binary options review include how to use it, the trading platforms where it is most successful as well as the average wining rate.

The review should also specify the amount of technical know-how you will need to enable you use the robot. Most robots are however built in such a way that they automatically trade on your behalf, meaning that you don’t need to be an expert to be able to find your way around the software. The robot helps you trade by using automated processes reducing the work you have to do significantly. It is however, worthy of note that you will require some basic knowledge in trading.

When you read a binary options trading robot, you will be able to get the price of the robot as well as what you can achieve with the trial version of the robot. A good robot review will also inform you about trading in currency pairs. You should endeavor to read through the aspect of your review talking about how to set up the robot before and during the robot set up. You should make sure that the robot you get is easy to use since you are opting for the robot to make binary options review easier for you. You should also make sure that your binary options robot is compatible with your Forex trading platform.

You can know the platforms a particular robot is compatible with by going through the review. You should remember that binary option trading is a risky venture, robot or no robot. You should therefore take conscious practical steps to minimize the risks. Take time to read and analyze all the alternative options available and go through a lot of reviews. The major step to succeeding in binary options trading is to be educated and informed.

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What is Spot Option?


Spot option is a type of trading that was developed in Europe. It was developed in order for people to be able to trade different currencies, and has since become hugely popular all over the world, in every single market out there. Traders feel that this type of trading is interesting because it gives them a new way of making profit by delivering less risky decisions. And it is because of that that the traders believe that this type of trading is the best, and that makes then learn more about Spot option. And besides that, making money is always a good incentive.

Now that we know why Spot option is popular, let’s find out what it really is. When dealing with these options, the trader has the capacity to give out some conditions, and those conditions have to be met, if he wishes to be paid out at the end. Every trader has to make three steps to set up his Spot option. Before all, he must define his trading scenario. After that, his broker needs to see if the conditions that were mentioned earlier are going to be met. And at the end, the investor himself must decide whether he will take the offer given to him, or e will pass.

project_11This trading is usually called Binary option everywhere in the world outside the United States. The vary name of this trading – Binary option, suggests that there are only two possible options, or outcomes, for the investor.

Like all other types of trading, this type also has its good sides and its bad sides. The good side is the fact that the trading is extremely simple; the investors themselves make the rules of the trading; risks are minimal, etc. Now, when it comes to the bad sides, there are more than few of them. One of them is the fact that you cannot trade Spot options, even if the conditions change, which means that you’ll be basically stuck with them. The second bad thing comes due to the fact that only the broker decides on the size of the premium; you can only go with it, or say No thank you. And the third bad thing about this type of trading is something that everyone who deals with market knows – it is very difficult to predict the exact time period or the price of the product.

However, you may have gotten the idea that all Spot option trading is the same, but that cannot be further from the truth. In fact, there is more than one type of Spot options, and we are going to give you the four basic types: No-touch Spot Options, One-touch Spot options, Double-no-touch Spot options, and finally, the Double-one-touch Spot options.

As we can see, Spot option trading is not that hard, but it also is not extremely easy. First you need to learn everything you can about it, and only then venture into this world of Spot option trading. You just have to be careful and make the right decisions.

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Spot Option


 Spot Option trading was first developed in Europe as a new mean to trade different currencies, and has gained a huge support from the markets all over the world since. This type of trading is interesting for traders because it provides them a different way to make some profit and to make less risky decisions. And this is exactly why most traders wish to learn as much as they can about Spot Options – to make more profit.

So, what exactly are Spot Options? Well, these options offer the trader an ability to give out certain conditions that absolutely have to be met in ordzadnjier to get the payout he desired. There are 3 steps that have to be made in order for a trader to set up Spot Option: First, trading scenario must be defined by the investor; then, a broker has to figure out if the conditions are going to be met, and then he should propose a premium; and lastly, the investor makes a decision if he’ll accept the offer or turn it down.

Outside of the United States of America, this type of trading is usually called Binary Option, because there can only be two possible outcomes for the investor. But keep in mind that not all online broker are legit. is a good website where you can check your Binary Option broker.

As it is with any other type of trading, the Spot Option also has its advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about this type of trading is that it is very easy and not complicated. Also, they are good because the investors here define the rules of the trade. In addition, the risk is minimal, which is always nice. However, it’s not all pink when it comes to this type of trading. For example, if you buy a Spot Option, you can’t trade it, and even if the conditions change, you’re practically stuck with it. Also, the bad thing is that the broker decides how big the premium will be, and you can only accept it or decline it. And the third bad thing about Spot Option is the fact that it is extremely hard to predict the precise time period or the strike price in this scenario that you’ve proposed.

When it comes to the types zadnji3of Spot Options, several distinctions can be made. There are four basic types of Spot Options, and they are One-Touch Spot Option, No-Touch Spot Options, Double One-Touch Spot Option, and Double No-Touch Spot Options.

So, as we have mentioned, Spot Option trading is not very hard to master, and can present investors and traders great profits if they play their cards right. The Spot Option, just like the Binary Option, as it is called outside the US, only has two potential outcomes, and that makes it perfect for trading by many traders all over the world. Like all other types of trade, it has its advantages and disadvantages, however, a good trader will always find a pro in every con, and will manage to get the most out of every bad situation, even though bad situations hardly ever come in this type of trading.

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Free Binary Options Demo Account

 A binary options demo account is financed with virtual cash. You could likewise call it play cash yet you exchange with it and don’t utilize it for diversions. In any event that is what should do. This cash merits nothing. It is unrealistic to purchase anything with it and no one is worried when is no longer in use. That is the reason such a demo account is so secure for merchants that are not used to trading binary options. As a beginner dealer, you can assemble experience and you can purchase or offer options with no danger. You can test your exchanging methodologies and significantly more. You call it a demo account on the grounds that genuine exchanging will be illustrated.

The inquiry is: Which dealer offers a boundless demo account complimentary? A great many people accept that this will be the situation for most binary options intermediaries however the opposite is valid! Numerous merchants would prefer not to give dealers the chance to exchange free of charge and need to compel them to exchange for genuine cash. It’s conspicuous that most merchants would prefer not to sign up there on the grounds that they would prefer not to hazard their own cash with their first exchanges. A few traders exchange for genuine cash when they can’t decide on a demo account. We imagine that agents ought to give merchants an opportunity to exchange with a demo account. There are a few handles that need you to make an introductory store to utilize their demo stage. You can withdraw each time its still for nothing. In the event that you don’t care for it you can stop without bother. One of these dealers is “Banc de Binary “ which is one of the biggest and most mainstream representatives. You can exchange with a free demo account or with genuine cash at this dependable intermediary.


Representative with no demo account

Not every representative offers a demo account. Most others offer a demo account however the necessity is that you make a store. Despite the fact that you can withdraw your store whenever, you need regardless it drives you to store cash. A decent case is “24Option”. It is still one of the best representatives out there however you need to store in any event 250 dollars to have the capacity to utilize their demo account. The aim is self-evident: Chances are that a broker that effectively demonstrated he’s equipped for making a store will exchange for genuine cash later on. This is the thing that an agent needs. Anyway when somebody would even like to store supports, its conceivable he never will and he ought not have the capacity to utilize a demo account. That is the way the brokers for binary options think. We trust that they will change these confinements soon.

The market of binary options is a generally new market, therefore, there aren’t numerous intermediaries who offer demo accounts on their stages. Nevertheless a few intermediaries have started to take off demo accounts and it won’t be much sooner than demo accounts for binary options are as omnipresent as their forex partners. Follow this link if you want to know who are the Best Binary Options Brokers

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